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Scarm - Several Miuntes of the Man

Scarm - Several Minutes of the Man

Artist: Scarm
Album: Several Minutes of the Man
Year: 2011
Length: 41:28
Tracks: 7
Genre: avant rock

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Opening with a drone and a sound like light string scraping, "La Fabrique du Silence" follows. The seductive mistress of Santana shakes her fringes before your weary eyes as you struggle to follow the melody, before the cymbal crescendo and screeching guitars return yet again. At certain moments, I'm reminded of the occasional cacophonous seasonings of Joey Santiago (Pixies), but in this case the seasoning is more of a rough salt. You can only take so much of this at a time. "Creperum" has more of a dark story-teller's feel, although the previous tracks are certainly not without a sense of progression and variation. And the closing piece, titled "Night Shift", features slow Gothic overtones and ends with some ambient wind and chamber noises.

The songs on this album are powerful and dramatic, but can at times feel as though they are a bit too long, or are changing too many times throughout. The production quality also has some quirks, as the climax points in a few of the songs feel a little too overdriven, losing some of the details of the numerous layers of sound. However, Scarm has produced a solid output that should easily entice the finicky desert rocker or fusion-axe aficionado interested in thick-layered experimental and progressive guitar sounds.

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